Square Root of Success

The Semester SAT Prep Course offers comprehensive instruction to equip students with invaluable tips, effective strategies, and crucial concepts across all subjects of the SAT. We will create an Individualized SAT Plan for each student tailored to their specific strengths and designed to maximize their score increase. With a maximum ratio of four students to one tutor, individual attention is prioritized to ensure each student receives the support necessary for success. Moreover, students have the freedom to work independently at their preferred pace. This course is backed by our increase guarantee* if students fulfill specific criteria. The Fall Semester Course will end right before the December SAT test, and the Spring Semester Course will end right before the May SAT test.

If you are interested in signing up for the Semester SAT Prep Course, please click on a semester that you would like to prep for. Then, you can fill out the registration form to secure a seat in the class. There is also a calendar that lists the days that each class will meet. There are scheduled holidays during the semester. Students can take a mock SAT exams to prepare for the upcoming test.

2023-2024 Semester SAT Prep Courses

Courses Offered in Huntsville and in Madison
Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, and Sunday Course Options

Please click on a semester that you would like to prep for.


Classes start the week of January 7th.