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Located in Huntsville and Madison

Our ACT Prep Program is designed to help students achieve their best possible scores on the ACT test. We understand that every student is unique with different strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. That's why our program is personalized and tailored to meet the individual needs of each student.

Our experienced tutors work with students one-on-one to develop a customized study plan that targets areas of improvement and builds upon existing strengths. We use a variety of resources and materials, including official ACT practice tests, to provide students with a realistic testing experience and exposure to the types of questions they will encounter on the test.

In addition to content review and practice tests, our program also emphasizes test-taking strategies and time management techniques. We provide students with guidance on how to approach different question types, how to eliminate incorrect answer choices, and how to manage their time effectively on test day.

Our program is flexible and adaptable, with scheduling options that accommodate busy students' schedules. We believe that a supportive and positive learning environment is key to success, and our tutors are dedicated to building rapport with students and fostering a sense of confidence and motivation.

By the end of our program, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform at their highest potential on the ACT test. Whether a student is looking to improve their score for college admissions, scholarship opportunities, or personal growth, our ACT Prep Program is designed to help them achieve their goals.

Students can sign up for our ACT Prep Program by clicking one of our four options below. The Standard Course and Crash Course are offered for each ACT test date. Our Semester Course ends before the December ACT test in fall and the April ACT test in spring. The Create Your Own Course allows families to choose their own schedule anytime during the year. We are located in South Huntsville on Memorial Parkway near Mt. Gap and in Madison on County Line Road near I-565.


The Standard Course is a 4-week course offered before each test date and is our most popular option. It is great for students who want to study for just one test date and need to increase their composite score by several points. Students can take this course as many times as they want to keep increasing their score. It comes with a score increase guarantee, so if students do not increase, then they can retake the course again for free. Students sign up for a Monday/Wednesday course, Tuesday/Thursday course, or Sunday course.

The Crash Course is a 2-week course offered before each test date and is a popular option for students who just need to focus on one or two subjects or who don't have time to commit to a full Standard Course. This course can be taken as many times as a student wants. Students sign up for a Monday/Wednesday course, Tuesday/Thursday course, or Sunday course.

The Semester Course is a full semester of tutoring that is offered in the fall and in the spring. This course will prepare students for the December test in the fall and will prepare them for the April test in the spring. This is a great option for students who need more help over a longer time or for students who need to increase by many points. This course also comes with a score increase guarantee, so if students do not increase, then they can retake the course for free. Students sign up for a Monday/Wednesday course, Tuesday/Thursday course, or Sunday course.

The Create Your Own Course allows parents and students to determine their own schedule. This is a great option for those with busy schedules or for students who want to spend more time focusing on only one or two subjects.

Homeschool students are encouraged to take our Homeschool ACT Prep Course that is offered during school hours. To sign up for this class, please visit our Rocket City Academy website. This course can count for elective credit on a student's transcript and is offered every fall and spring semester. Students will be given homework and quizzes throughout the semester to help improve their mastery of concepts and memorization of rules and formulas. Many homeschool students take this course every semester throughout high school, and it is a great class for reviewing and learning grammar, algebra, geometry, and science concepts. Virtual school students can sign up for this course as well.

When students sign up for a course, they are put into a class of up to four students with one tutor. Each student is on an individualized plan and works with the tutor on their own work independently of other students. We also offer one-on-one tutoring for the ACT, and you can find that info on our tutoring page.

Square Root of Success has been helping students increase their ACT scores for over ten years. We are a local, family-owned business that loves to see students thrive. We have helped students increase scores over ten points from the teens to the 30s and receive full-tuition scholarships. We have worked with the same students for years helping them continue to increase many points, and we have worked with students for just one course helping them get the score that they wanted in one session. Whatever your goals are, we would love to work with your family.

Please visit the link above for the course that you are interested in. Then, you can click on the test date or semester that you're interested in, and fill out the registration form for the class. We have two locations for you to choose from: one in Huntsville at 11515 South Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL 35803 and one in Madison at 10971 County Line Rd, Madison, AL 35758. If it is past the start date of the course, don't hesitate to contact us about joining. We do provide make-up sessions if students start late or if they miss a class. Also, feel free to stop by to discuss options.

Our Standard ACT Prep Course and our ACT Prep Semester Course both come with a score increase guarantee. In order for students to earn the guarantee, they must attend all classes, login to their ACT account on the first day to show scores, and pass quizzes (if applicable), as well as use one of the two approved calculators and a watch and follow our Individualized ACT Plan on the ACT test. If students do not increase their composite score, then they can retake the class again for free until they do. These are not money back guarantees. Students must retake their free course within 3 months.


Students need to sign up on the ACT.org website. They will create an account and register for a test date. The ACT tests can be taken at most high schools and colleges, and students get to choose where they take the test.

It does not matter where they choose to take the test. There is no difference in the tests at different test centers. Students should sign up early in order to get a seat at the location that they want.

Students should not rely on a clock being in the room. About half of the time, the clock does not work or the glare from the sun prevents students from reading the clock or there is some other issue. Students should always bring their own watch to keep up with their time. Digital watches are easier for students to read. Watches cannot beep, so alarms and beeping on the hour need to be turned off. Google can help with turning the sound off.

ACT proctors make mistakes surprisingly often. Students should absolutely let the proctor know if the proctor handles the timing incorrectly. Proctors can cut short the time on a test or not give a 5 minute warning, and that can be disastrous for scores. Proctors also incorrectly tell students that they can't use their calculator or their watch when, according to the rules, they absolutely can. It can be useful to bring a print-out of the calculator or watch rules to show to the proctor. Proctors can also just create a bad environment for testers by being loud, playing loudly on their phone, crying, going in and out of the room, or doing something else distracting.

There are so many things that can go wrong on test day that it is best to take the ACT multiple times. Students will also feel like certain tests are easier and certain tests are harder. If a student takes three tests in a row, then at least one of them should be an easier test for them and will help to maximize their scores.

It is recommended that students take their first test in December or April of their 9th grade year. This will give families a baseline score to see where they stand.

It does not matter which test students take. It is recommended that students take both tests at least once to see if they do any better on one versus the other. The biggest difference now is that the SAT is going fully digital.

*Students can order a TIR, which is a copy of their test and answers, for the April, June, and September ACT tests.