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Learn & Play

Drop-in anytime. No appointment needed.

After School Program available

Join us for our Math, Minecraft, & More in Madison Fall Break Camp!

Located only in Madison.
Open Hours: M, W, Th 10am-7pm

Our Learning Center in Madison is the ultimate destination for a unique learning experience that combines tutoring and free play! We offer a dynamic Learn & Play Program that ensures educational enrichment through expert tutoring while providing ample opportunities for free play and exploration.

Our experienced tutors are dedicated to helping children excel academically. Through short personalized tutoring sessions, we provide targeted support to help children strengthen their skills and advance their knowledge.

But it doesn't stop there! We also understand the importance of free play in a child's development. That's why we create a stimulating environment where students can engage in creative and unstructured play under the guidance of our Play Leaders. From imaginative play areas to hands-on activities, we encourage children to explore, create, and have fun. Our Play Leaders help foster socialization, learning, and having fun.

Discover the power of combining learning and playing with our Learn & Play Program! Visit us at 10971 County Line Rd in Madison to learn more about our Learn & Play Program and how your child can benefit from this unique approach to education. Bring your child today and watch them thrive while enjoying the wonders of play.


Learn & Play is a drop-in/off program with no commitments or enrollments. Families pay by the hour. Parents are welcome to drop their children off, stay with their children, or hang out in our reception area and enjoy Subway, coffee, and snacks. During fall and spring semesters, families can sign up for our After School Program. Kids can enjoy Subway, drinks, and snacks from our cafe at any time.

The After School Program is open on all days in black.
Fridays are available as an extra charge.