Square Root of Success

Tutoring Program

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The Tutoring Program is an individualized program designed to help students with their schoolwork, truly understand the material, and provide flexible scheduling. This program allows students to choose their own schedule M-Th from 4pm-8pm, which means that they can come in whenever they want to each week. Students sign up for a certain number of tutoring hours per week and come in whenever they need to without having to schedule an appointment and without having to communicate to us when they are planning to come. We keep a low student to tutor ratio, so students get the personalized support that they need. Students will work through homework, study for tests, review concepts, learn new concepts, and whatever they need, and they will work independently of others, moving along at their own pace.

If you are interested in signing up for the Tutoring Program, please follow the steps below, and use the calendar to see which days are available for tutoring.

Tutoring Availability Calendar

We are open for tutoring on the black days, and we are closed to tutoring on the red days.
ACT test dates have a yellow background, and ACT Mock tests have a blue background.

Black Days = Tutoring Availability
Red Days = No Availability
Yellow Background = ACT Test
Blue Background = ACT Mock Test