Tutoring Services

Square Root of Success tutoring has advantages that other tutoring services do not have. Our tutors are trained to deliver a superior tutoring experience. Tutors will identify the student's unique learning style and will teach concepts according to the most efficient method for the student. We will identify weaknesses in a student's past academic career. Our tutors have access to common core textbooks and teacher's editions of those textbooks. We are extremely familiar with all the testing and benchmarks in schools. Tutors work hard to develop a good working relationship with students to ensure trust, which is essential for success. Our tutors will also encourage and motivate students, and they will train them to become more independent and rely less on tutoring. We will try hard to help every student succeed in any subject no matter what the circumstances!

You can make an online payment for tutoring services on the payment page.

One-on-One Tutoring

One-on-One Tutoring is offered without any commitments or contracts. We tutor students in K-12 and college. This type of tutoring is very flexible and great for the busy student or the student who doesn't need much tutoring. Just give us a call and we will be able to schedule an appointment whenever it is convenient for you! We also offer tutoring in non-academic subjects, so if you want to learn anything, just let us know!


Regular Tutoring

Regular Tutoring will provide a more thorough tutoring experience. Regular Tutoring is scheduled every week at the same time during the school year. Tutoring at least once per week ensures greater success for all students! It is much easier to learn and study at a relaxed pace than try to cram for a test. We will also contact the student's teacher and gain as much information as that particular teacher will allow. Priority registration is given to Regular Tutoring students for extra tutoring, ACT Prep, and any other classes we offer.


Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is provided to students to help them in any situation. This type of tutoring has been used when a student lives outside the Huntsville area, when a student is sick, when there is inclement weather, or when a student is traveling. Online tutoring works just as well as being in person!

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