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Summer Classes

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Algebra Readiness $225

The algebra readiness class is designed to help students work on their algebraic skills. Each student will take an assessment at the beginning of the course and have an individualized curriculum developed based on that assessment. There are two levels: fundamentals and advanced. The fundamentals class will prepare a student for prealgebra, algebra 1, or geometry. The advanced class will prepare a student for algebra 2 or precal.

Geometry $225

The summer geometry class will cover the major topics in geometry and have homework, quizzes, and tests. This class will prepare students for geometry in the upcoming year, will prepare students for the geometry on the ACT and SAT, and can be taken as homeschool credit.

Intro to Calculus $225

The intro to calculus class will teach students the fundamentals of calculus and allow students plenty of practice on those concepts. After gaining a firm foundation in calculus, students will be prepared for AP or college calculus.

Anatomy Dissection Lab $225

The anatomy dissection lab will provide students the opportunity to dissect several organs and organisms, like a frog and a sheep's brain. Students will learn about the major body organs and how the body functions.

Intro to Chemistry $225

The intro to chemistry class teaches students the major concepts in chemistry and provides practice on the concepts that students generally struggle with. This class will help prepare students for chemistry in the upcoming year.

Course Start Date Days/Time End Date
Geometry June 19 Wed 8:15am-12:00pm July 31
Anatomy Dissection Lab July 10 Wed 9:00am-12:00pm July 31
Algebra Readiness June 20 Thurs 12pm-3:45pm August 1
Intro to Calculus June 20 Thurs 12pm-3:45pm August 1
Intro to Chemistry June 21 Fri 12pm-3:45pm August 2