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Square Root of Success offers many social studies classes for homeschool students taught by experienced instructors. We offer social studies classes for K-12. We also offer honors and AP prep classes for those students willing and able to move at a fast pace and cover all the material in-depth.

Elem. Social Studies

The elementary social studies class is for grades K-5. This class is designed to be more fun! Classtime is spent playing games to help students remember key facts.

MS History

The Middle School history class is for students in 6th-8th grade. The middle school classes are designed to improve the student's understanding of the history of our world from the agricultural revolution to the present. There will be fun projects assigned throughout the semester.

World History 1 & 2

World History 1 is the study of the world from the beginning of civilization to 1500 AD. World History 2 is the study of the world from 1500 AD to present day. This class will study the interactions between culutres, successes and failures of various governments, and the culture and religion of past civilizations.

US History

US history is the history of the United States of America from colonization through today. The major wars will be studied in-depth. Students will also study the interaction between the US and other countries.

Gov. & Econ.

Government and economics are semester classes that are generally taken together in the 12th grade year. Government is the study of the United States government and constitution. Economics is the study of the economy and economical trends in the United States.


Psychology is a fun class that teaches students how people think. Various parts of the brain and neuroscience will be discussed. The way that people react and think in various situations will also be discussed. There will be fun projects assigned throughout the year.

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