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Square Root of Success offers many elective classes for homeschool students taught by experienced instructors. We offer classes for K-12. Please contact us for more information.

ACT Prep

ACT Prep is a semester class that teaches tips and strategies, test layout, and key concepts. ACT composite scores generally increase in the range of 1-6 with 3 being the average increase. ACT subscores have increased up to 13 points and up to a 36, and it is not rare to see a 6-10 point increase on a subscore! This class provides more hours than other ACT prep courses for a low price!

Scholarship Prep

Scholarship Prep is a semester class that helps students find scholarships, apply for scholarships, and revise their applications. Many students miss out on scholarships by simply not applying for them. Many students do not even know where to look to find scholarships. College is expensive, and this class can help students find the money they need to further their education.


This class teaches an overview of computers and an introduction to programming and app development. Students will learn how to write small programs and apps.


This class discusses ways to start out realistically being an inventor and what steps students need to take to bring their ideas to fruition. We will discuss laws, technical details, and investment details. With a little imagination and hard work, the simplest of ideas could turn into a profitable career!


This class will go over the basic information that you need to start your own successful business. Students will learn about laws, rules of thumb, tips and strategies, ecommerce, advertising, and more!

Book Publishing

This class will go through the basics of getting a book published online and in print. Students will learn how easy it is to get started and will be required to submit items for publication online.

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