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ACT Prep Crash Course Registration for the February 8th Test

The ACT Prep Crash Course skips the in-depth explanation of the tips and strategies that is given in the standard course and just focuses on working through practice tests. This course is great for students who do not need prep for all four subjects, who have less time available to attend class, or are retaking ACT prep. This course will not necessarily cover all four subjects. Each student's past ACT scores will be analyzed to determine the best and quickest path to success. There is a maximum of three students per class, so students get the personalized attention that they need to succeed. Students will be working independently of others and will move along at their own pace.

If you are interested in signing up for the ACT Prep Crash Course for the February 8th ACT, please fill out the registration form and pay either a non-refundable deposit or the full amount to secure a seat in the class. Below is a list of the class days that each class will meet. There are no classes the week of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday from Jan 18th-25th. If you would like to sign up for ACT prep for another test date, please check back to see when registration opens for that test date. Also, you can get updates on classes by following us on Facebook.

ACT Prep Crash Course
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ACT Prep Crash Course
Non-Refundable Deposit

Class Dates/Times (Pick One)

Mock ACT on January 20th from 10am-1:15pm
Jan 27th Jan 28th January 26th
Jan 29th Jan 30th February 2nd
Feb 3rd Feb 4th  
Feb 5th Feb 6th