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ACT Diagnostic Evaluation

There are so many ways to study for the ACT test that it can be overwhelming! Students need to study in the way that best fits them in order to maximize their scores. The test prep books that you buy at the store can be hundreds and hundreds of pages long. How do you even know where to begin?

I have been teaching ACT prep for over ten years, and I have become an expert at evaluating students for the ACT. So, I have developed my own ACT diagnostic test and my own evaluation methods that will help students learn exactly what they need to study for the ACT test and in what way. This diagnostic evaluation is separate from our ACT prep classes to allow students to better prepare for the ACT test even if they don't plan on taking classes here.

The diagnostic evaluation includes a 3-hour diagnostic session followed by a 30-minute consultation one week later after the results have been analyzed. Parents and students will get a chance to see and discuss the results. You will be given a detailed report that includes a study plan that you can take home. With this detailed report, it will be much easier for students to study on their own, study with a tutor, or decide on a prep course to take.

Scoring well on the ACT can make a huge difference in a child's life. Being better prepared so that students can truly do their very best is crucial. Please register for a diagnostic session by filling out our form. If you have submitted the form, received the confirmation email, and paid for the evaluation, then you are all ready to go, and we'll be waiting to help you and your child succeed on the ACT. See you soon!

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